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Episode 2/5 : Jakarta

In collaboration with Forward and in partnership with Pernod Absinthe, Maison Kitsuné has created a new travel series which celebrates and inspires curious and open-minded people in search of new means of expression. For this campaign they decided to launch THE FIRST ENTERTAINMENT BOTTLE supporting Kitsuné's upcoming hot series of short music documentaries, produced in collaboration with the *Capitales Inconnues* (*Unknown Cities*) program.

In this series, composed of 5 episodes, Maison Kitsuné will unveil how they get inspiration from new horizons, new faces and unknown cities across the world. They decided to embark the up-and-coming UK band «Is Tropical» on an extraordinary journey that will highlight movers and shakers of the local creative community of forgotten capitals such as Reykjavik, Jakarta, Accra, Lima or Amman.

Check out some of Is Tropical's last destinations:

Episode 1 - Reykjavik

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