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alright, this is a new series I'm about to do.
I might get my channel partnered soon, but that only works out if I dont have copyrighted songs in my videos. thats why I deleted over 70 of my older videos which had copyright issues, and reupload them now with other audiotracks. I dont put them in a specific order, I just reupload whatever I feel like to upload ;)

does anyone of you have a good idea for a name for this series?? suggest names in the comment section, I might pick yours if you come up with a usable name :)

and if you make music or know any artists/beatmakers who would be ready to let me use their music pease let me know! I would love to promote good music content!


this is a video I uploaded in february 2011.. it was a battle I did with pesiOne. I still like the sketch somehow :)

song: BoB - Beast Mode (Jake Miller Remix)


Channel: Graffiti & Streetart

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