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Master P Coached And Mentored NBA All-Star Demar Derozan

From Seventh Grade Through College

Percy Miller aka Master P is not only a music mogul and former NBA Player but also a basketball coach that has dedicated over twelve years of his life to help train and educate young men for college and a professional career. He formed a basketball program called P. Miller Ballers aka PMB, which is one of the most winning organizations today when it comes to youth basketball. Master P has been a mentor to 2014 All-Star pick Demar Derozan, their history goes back from the seventh grade through college. Demar was just a regular kid from Compton, CA that Master P believed in, saw the talent and potential. Ironically, Master P played for the Toronto Raptors and now Demar Derozan is the star of that franchise. There are over 30 college players representing the P. Miller Ballers Organization. Among the P. Miller Baller alumni that are successful in the NBA are Brandon Jennings and Lance Stephens.

Currently, the P. Miller Ballers hold the title to the best 6th grade team in the country; Shemar Morrow as a sixth grader is ranked the #1 forward in the country and Hercy Miller as a sixth grader is ranked at #1 guard in the country. With talent like this the P. Miller Ballers have a bright future and these kids could be the next future NBA stars. Master P has done an excellent job as a coach and mentor to these young men. PMB is an organization where inner-city at-risk youth get to travel, see the world and learn the importance of higher education and hard work. For more information, go to


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