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Good art is often polarizing. It draws a line in the sand, and sets clear demarcations while challenging convention. Jevin June a New York based visual/ music artist by way of New Jersey, knows all about challenging conventions. June submerges himself in his environment, and spits out all of what he intakes, in both musical and visual art form.
He re-contextualizes inner city Americana from a very personal viewpoint, with references to Norman Mailer, corner bodegas, and inner city angst. This couldn't be any truer than on the song "Knights with the King". In Knights...June talks about sorrow, death, and ascending to the greatness we all have in us, while reflecting the natural violence of inner city life. With his EP "There Can Only Be One", June further contextualizes the inner city life. It is quintessential New York. It is dense, lyrical, beautiful, and sometimes scary, all while recalling hip hop in its purest form. With production from Mad Knocks the sound beds make for a cohesive and lush journey that pushes the listener through the five song collective. It is musical high art.

Channel: US Hip Hop

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