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Official video for Vinnie Paz's new single "Cheesesteaks" from Vinnie's newest solo album "God Of The Serengeti" available now at

Vinnie Paz "Cheesesteaks" Song Credits:
Produced by Psycho Les
Strings: Mireya Ramos
Cuts: DJ Eclipse
Mixed by Spent DNero at Goblin Music Studio

Vinnie Paz "Cheesesteaks" Video Credits:
Directed by Yan
Producers: New Pace Creative & Enemy Soil Films
Camera: Bill Connell, JC Costa, Mike McRath
Second Camera: Luke Rafferty
Editors: JC Costa & Yan
Colorist: Bill Connell

Thanks: Brett the Barber at Platinum Stylez, Nick Antonogiannis at Keystone Pizza, Aristotle, John Grevenitis, and Marianne Luviner.

For more info on Vinnie Paz visit him at:

Channel: US Hip Hop

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