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Teflon is a member of a family of chemicals called "perfluorochemicals" (PFCs). Among the most coveted qualities of this chemical product is that Teflon can be to nearly anything to make it non-adhesive - shit won't stick to it. Odds are when you made your eggs or hash browns for breakfast, you fried them up in a pan coated with Teflon. Legendary New York mobster John Gotti earned the nickname "Teflon Don" because no matter how hard the government tried, they could never make a charge stick to him. Like Kleenex, the word has evolved beyond a brand name into generic use in everyday language, now largely synonymous with being "slick" in general. Were he to cut a new album today, they might just call Ricky Walters "Tef Def" instead of Slick Rick.

Okay that last one is a stretch, but it's not surprising that a thuggin' and buggin' rap clique like M.O.P. would have a member named Teflon. Right from the jump off, you get the impression he must be one slippery cat. "My Will" is the compact disc coated with Teflon, a largely overlooked 1997 release on Relativity Records. At one time Relativity had the potential to be a hip-hop powerhouse. Fat Joe, Common Sense, M.O.P., The Beatnuts and even Three 6 Mafia have all been members of this label. That's past tense of course, because sooner or later any dope artist on Relativity has gotten fed up with their inability to promote or market product properly. Only Wild Pitch and Fresh Records could give them a run for greatness lost. If they had played their cards differently, they'd be discussed in the same breath as Def Jam.

Teflon deserves better than that. You wouldn't be down with the Mash Out Posse without being one of rap's hardest artists, and Teflon is like Billy Danze and Lil' Fame's long lost brother. Vocally he's as aggressive and grimy as Sticky Fingaz. Verbally he knows when to flip a punchline at the right time for impact. Roll these characteristics up into one fat blunt and light it with the hunger for more, and Teflon produces a nice long buzz. Why dip it wet and get fucked up when you can put "My Will" in your player and get the aural equivalent? Right from the Big Jaz produced "Gotta get Ova" the shit is hot to Tef:

"Wreck the scales at The Source and get five mics, no problem
The first show I go to I blow
Collect my dough in stacks, my name's on the map
Now, we in the spotlight
Got hype raps, perhaps it's just in my genes to rock mics
From rags to riches, lifestyle switches
Firing Squad, worked hard for a while to get this
Now, we on a roll in full control, behold
Destiny's ours to unfold"

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