Coolio - Fantastic Voyage

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"Fantastic Voyage" is a hip hop song by rapper Coolio from his debut album It Takes a Thief. The song later featured on the album Fantastic Voyage: The Greatest Hits. The song samples "Fantastic Voyage" by Lakeside.

Music Video

The music video features Coolio napping on his front porch, when he gets a phone call from his friend Spoon that wakes him. Spoon asks about taking a trip to the beach, to which an annoyed Coolio responds "we ain't got no car" and hangs up on him. Suddenly a mysterious man with a 70's style suit, afro, and cane appears and turns the bicycle sitting upside down on his Coolio's driveway into a convertible car. Now with a means of transportation, Coolio and his crew head to the beach. The rest of the video features Coolio at the beach helping the crowd of passengers out of the trunk of the car for a beach party, which includes people of all races and a mariachi band. At the end of the video, the car is transformed back into a bicycle on Coolio's driveway, and Coolio is woken again by a phone call from Spoon, showing that the trip was all a dream. Coolio reminds him that they don't have a car, tells him to quit calling, and hangs up. Then Coolio looks at the bike to see the car's license plate hanging off of the bike. Leaving him wondering if the events were really a dream and setting the events for the video "I Remember".

Channel: US Hip Hop

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