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Song produced by Otayo Dubb
Video shot by Leo Docuyanan
Directed by Krishtine de Leon

"Wake Up" - (Produced by Otayo Dubb) is off her forthcoming album, "Gangster of Love", which drops on October 29th, 2013. Three years after her debut onto the scene, she challenges the industry once again to snap out of its idealistic and materialistic content and take heed of the chaos and contradiction happening across the world and right in our very own neighborhoods. "Wake Up" is also a figurative command to not "sleep" on the lyricism and urgency of Rocky's delivery, and that this time around, her content will strike true to the heart of every Hip Hop fan's need to hear music that defines a generation and the ongoing struggle of working class people under seige by their own government. The song is a fitting entrance into her most comprehensive and conceptual body of work yet, "Gangster of Love" (Beatrock Music) - a further delve into themes of Love and War that thread her projects together.

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If you was sleeping on the last, betta listen
Gangster of Love, Tayo Dubb in the kitchen
Cookin' a Masterpiece, Who got the spatula?
Hammin' it up, yo
Smilin' for the cameras
Nothin' to prove, I'm a force to be wreckoned
Vicious and seditious, roll with Gangster Bitches
Never compare me to another, I'm an orphan
With my OWN style, thuggin' on these silly dime-a-dozens
I'm just a diamond in the rough and the rugged
Shinin' from the pressure, LOVE my imperfections
All of the money in the world couldn't buy me
And your manners are appalling when you rhymin'
Lady of Grace, like Mary Magdalene
P*ssy makin' miracles, all the rest is average...
(Huh) Repeat the mantra on the daily
Two words: Fuck You
Two more: Pay Me

Fire in the sky/Life's a Bitch and then you die
You can sit and let it slide or you can get up , get up, get up, get up
(Wake up, wake up wake up wake up
Get up, get up, get up, get up)

2nd Verse
Now that you woke, pay attention
We public school kids learning real life lessons
While the rich get richer, the poor get poorer
They took our last name, put us in the slave quarters
A menace with my paper and my pencil
Watch dog, I'm the one to blow the whistle
And I ain't talking $hort, I'm talking bout real issues
Like why Too $hort STILL call women bitches
Black and brown men in the pen, in the millions
And why I can't wear what I want, mind ya business
Them martyrs didn't die for a mention
So I ain't puttin' out no sex tape for attention
Cuz black and brown people in the south, they still lynchin'
A woman gettin' raped every 25 seconds
That's why I ain't afraid of these thugs
Cuz we live by the gun so we DIE by the gun

Chorus Repeat

Channel: US Hip Hop

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