Sentino - I don't really love em

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See, I don't really -
I don't really love 'em,
I don't really love 'em,
I don't really love 'em,
I don't really love 'em.

Part 1:
Saw you with two friends the other day
better yet, the night (I) wasn't feeling right.
Had too many fucking drinks, what can I say?
Sometimes I think I'm losing it.
„Get up, you gotta get your act together",
that's what a G told me.
I'm fed up with cigarettes and Hennessy,
can't get you of my mind!
Can I get a little love tonight,
maybe just a little kiss and a hug tonight, now.
I don't think that it's not polite, girl,
it ain't like I asked if you fuck tonight.
Maybe, it sounds a little crazy
but I just fell in love with you,
I just fell in love with you,
come and walk in my shoes.

Come on now and just walk with me,
don't you look at me this awkwardly!
Baby, I'm fly, they
I walk on green like a soccer team. Ah!

That's why I
buy bottles by the dozen,
with models that are cousins,
hotter than the oven,
but I don't really love 'em,
no I don't really love 'em,
so fuck them!
'cause last night I was dreaming about you!

Part 2:
Saw you with him the other day;
better yet, the night (I was) looking for a fight,
turned around and went the other way.
Sometimes I feel like choosing it:
getting money over bitches and power.
I can make what you make in an hour.
I can wait for the bait like a coward
or just take what is ours.
She was mine, mine, mine;
now I don't have the time, time, time!
All I do is grind,
Stevie Williams, don't you wonder?
See these millions
of these classy broads
those flashy things, fancy cars
they asked for them, Gucci purses, Ralph Lauren,
this will get you head, no aspirin!


Hook (2x)

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