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My name is Renee Nicole but I go by the name of ''Afrosoul''. From the time I was a child, I was singing. I used to turn on the radio and be able to emmulate t... D made me, yup totally got under my skin. Yes had to do it, more molesting ...why not...OTHER VERSION IS STILL UNLISTED, as always 'work in progress' video i... Sarah Sellers is a unique blend of pop, soul, blues and R&B. Her captivating presence and command of the stage has taken her as far as Hollywood on Season 10... ------------------------ ''Hey Ya!'' is a song written and produced by André 3000 for his 2003 album The Love Below, part of the hi... Beyonce ''1 1'' Music Video, Rihanna / J.Cole Sex Tape... Jay-Z vs Lil Wayne Beef - [Friday Hip Hop Report] ###TOP STORIES### Lil Wayne takes a shot at Jay-Z on ... The best rap about money there is on the Internet, or just everywhere in general... Vine By: Gummy Money Tags: VineExperience Nicholas Megalis Yo My Name Is ... Miguel A Nunez Jr Backstage of Christmas in Compton Check out: Make Extra Money with Miguel: Follow... BEHIND THE SCENES OF SEAN GARRET'S NEW VIDEO ''6 IN THE MORNING'' FT RICK ROSS THIS SONG IS BANANAZ!

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