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"Alien Manuscript" is the first music video release off of Diabolic's sophomore album FIGHTIN WORDS, which is scheduled to release on September 16th 2014. Currently Diabolic has a Kickstarter where fans can preorder the album and exclusive gear, including a Hoodie & T-Shirt designed by Diabolic himself and themed after "Alien Manuscript".

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Ahhhh what do we have here...
Diabolic, full of piss and vinegar I see
I'll make quick work of you

I'm the epitome-of sick I live in infamy
Spitting a written history-depicting my vision vividly
The industry's clearly tripping when I start a movement
Like Timothy Leary given LSD to Harvard students

Sharp shooting-marksman when the target's moving.. I'm a
Fusion of the greatest parts from humans-with a Martian mutant
Toured the world got cigars from Cubans.. Then
Sparked a doob in-Amsterdam with Asians saying farfegnugen

Tomorrow's blueprint-today my bars and mic connect
Ahead of it's time spitting rhymes I haven't started writing yet
I'm the archetype I'm not an artist like the rest
I'm Picture perfect without photoshopping dark and light effects

And Yes I got regrets-understand I'm sharing that
But kept my guard up longer than Buckingham in bearskin hats
I should open up and trust my fans to care in fact
But I really need to know what the fuck this man is staring at

I'm sick of hearing that voice stuck inside my head
Like simon says-Diabolic let the virus spread
Still the illest cat alive or dead-the raps we have
Will drive you crazier than Travis Bickle in a taxi cab

Got these tacky fad-rappers breaking out the lab
Cause heads are fake like paper mâché to escape from Alcatraz
Countless fags-thinking their computer screen is armor
Transforming to super heroes on the web like Peter Parker

I won't be a part of that-this the art of rap
From artists prophecized in carvings scratched-on artifacts
Neanderthals drawing me rocking a starter hat
While aliens from Mars attack-as the moon stars collapse

I have read your manuscript my friend, you plan on rising from peasant to king, you are quite dangerous, I have just the potion for you...

Now maybe I'm just tripping-or what have I been sipping
Summoned to the other side by souls of mummified Egyptians
Saying my forefathers love the stuff that I been spitting
And respect the drive of a guy stuck in my position

Those I'm governed by try corrupting my decisions
Like correction officers who smuggle drugs inside a prison
But I have risen-reached the top of Mount Olympus
And cast Zeus to the outer limits-somewhere south of Venice

A menace-like O Dog but leaned some new tricks
My Bars shine now the dark side of the moon's lit
Bright enough to see the aliens in cruise ships
And differences in the landing filmed by Stanley Kubrick

Imagine you mixed-Nas Wu and Q-Tip
With Fu Shnicks-and Eminem on Rawkus I'm what you get
Now the shoe fits-a dude strapping 2 sticks
Of dynamite with the fuse lit-to ya new kicks

And I don't give two shits-I'm Dropping science here
Superhuman in disguise I am not as I appear
I'm the Viking warlord atop the biosphere
Who could body cops in riot gear-with rocks and flying spears

My career's-the return of God that Mayans feared
When I appear-on vinyl ya tribe will clock the final years
Shots collide with beer-and I'm a shock to eyes and ears
A legend to my predecessors getting props from pioneers

And to my peers-I'm super man but sinister
I rule the land from Hoover dam to the Yucatan peninsula
A visitor-from outer space taking human form
Detonating a fusion bomb-in the booth when music's on...

I see you are not of this world, you may have gotten the best of me this time, I'll see you on the other side....

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