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New mixtape from Asia Sparks "Spark Up Vol. 2" Hosted by DJ Damage

1.- Hot Chick (Prod. by Jahlil Beats)
2.- SparkleGirl Anthem (Prod. by DL Beats of Spacekamp)
3.- Dough (Prod. by @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp & Doxortho)
4.- Murda Dem feat. Gille Da Kid (Prod. by @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp & Doxortho)
5.- Bum Chick (Prod. By Jahlil Beats)
6.- Fatality feat. Jaisun (Prod. by @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp)
7.- BollyWood (Prod. by Asia Sparks & @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp)
8.- Spaceships (Prod. by @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp)
9.- Spark It Up feat. Hollywud (Prod. by @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp)
10.- Bad Girl (Prod. by Stridah Von)
11.- Secret Garden feat. Fonte Cruise (Prod. by Jaisun Toro of Spacekamp)
12.- Tippy Top feat. Dizzy Wright (Prod. by Sir Elroy of Spacekamp)
13.- F ck Asthma (Prod. by Asia Sparks & @Mr80Bang of Spacekamp)
14.- Hustle feat. C-Dolla (Prod. by Spacekamp)
15.- Mary Jane (Prod. by Sir Elroy of Spacekamp)
16.- Get Down feat. Man Man Philly (Prod. by Spacekamp & Eugene Man Man Roberts)
17.- Tears in My Eyes (Prod. by @Mr80Bang, Asia Sparks & Eugene Man Man Roberts)
18.- We Won (Prod. by Bam)

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