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Willy Northpole presents "Dark Nation" the new mixtape featuring himself and the Dark Nation crew.

1.Intro (Skit)
2.Babylon ft. SSL (Produced by Stylts)
3.Gas On (Produced by Stylts)
4.Blocka (Produced by Stylts)
5.Hey ft. Delly the Rapper, NuNu and Allevilisi (Produced by Stylts)
6.SOB (Skit)
7.Huslin ft. Swuave Tek (Produced by Fingaz)
8.Big Cousin ft. Hannibal Leq (Produced by Stylts)
9.Straight Jacket ft. SK4MC and SSL (Produced by Stylts)
10.CW (Skit)
11.Jungle (Produced by Stylts)
12.Beat the Case (Produced by Stylts)
13.Bounce (Produced by Stylts) listen download
14.Model Chick ft. Twist1 and SSL (Produced by Stylts)
15.Hate Crime ft. Je Mula (Produced by Stylts)
16.Fantom ft. Hannibal Leq and SSL (Produced by Stylts)
17.Truthadour ft. Hannibal Leq and SSL (Produced by Stylts)

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