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Maino gets his talk on in our 11-minute interview with the Brooklyn native. After delivering his second instalment of King of Brooklyn in November, we spoke to the rapper on his self-appointed king title as well as his native neighborhood. Maino talks about being a voice for his peers and the streets alike, as well as fellow New York rappers who may not necessarily rep the NY sound (which he says is completely okay).
Maino goes on to talk about the police in light of recent events, and if rappers should speak out against things like police brutality. He even details personal encounters with police officers that affected his own life, but admits "not all officers are bad." Finally, he reveals he's writing a book called "Expect Nothing And Gain A World." He says it's "inspiration, philosophy, it's my ideals and advice for brothers that's either just coming home from prison or about to come home."
Watch Main drop some knowledge above.

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