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"ANDALE represents fast money, fast living, fast women! This record is the Fast and Furious of hip hop!!!! And that fact that the turNUP King himself LIL JON has joined me on it is a gift within itself!!! Diamond Lane forever!!!!!! TurNUP"
- Problem

When Problem teamed up with Lil Jon for "Andale," we'll admit it was a bit unexpected, but lo and behold it was a hit. The triumphant "Andale" was produced by Jahlil Beats and dropped near the end of 2014, but to keep it going strong in 2015, Problem and Lil Jon have cooked up an official lyric video which we're premiering today.

In case you needed help with memorizing the words, or just want something cool to look at while you listen to the song, watch above.

You can grab the track on iTunes :

Vocals by : Problem & Lil Jon
Produced by : Jahlil Beats
Lyric Video by :

Channel: US Hip Hop

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