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By 1995, Slug and D Spawn had been rocking together for a few years. However, '95 was seeing rapid growth in the popularity of an infamous collective known as Headshots, of which Atmosphere had become a part. The Headshots crew planned to release a compilation titled "Eighteen Shots On A Bus In The Middle Of Nowhere" in the Fall of that year, featuring The Abstract Pack, Phull Surkle, Urban Atmosphere, Black Hohl, Beyond, and more. Urban Atmosphere's "Ear Blister," was planned to be released on that compilation, complete with a music video. However, the compilation never materialized and neither did "Ear Blister" as an official release, though the song was a prominent fixture in their live performances around this time. For the last 2 decades, fans have been talking about "Ear Blister" and expressing a desire to view the scarcely seen music video. Well, here it is– the full-length version, available for the first time ever!

Be sure to watch out "Moment In Rhymesayers" Video Series on YouTube for more history on the label, artists and staff!

Video Credits:
Video shot & produced by Vision Quest Media (Danny Schmidt, JC Orvis, & Peter Cozad)
Song Recorded/Engineered by Kim Kanowitz (at Logic Studio)
Audio re-syncing by Alan Taverna
Song produced by D Spawn

Channel: US Hip Hop

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