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Dope D.O.D. feat Redman - Ridiculous Pt.2
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Featuring Redman :
Produced by : Posij
Artwork by John Earman

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Jay reaper and Skits Vicious are the Duo Of Darkness, together with Dopey Rotten they form the crew Dope D.O.D. representing from Holland, England to Africa. These beings have roots across the globe and beyond. They spread their knowledge by rapping, translating their extra terrestrial dialects into one of the most common spoken languages by humans: english. Bring back the balance in this mess of greed and corruption. They feel the time has come to open the realm to the 4th dimension. Step into their world through the music & video's and you will find it's infinite and timeless when you open up your mind.

Channel: US Hip Hop

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