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Chuck Inglish performing his single "DROPS" at Spotify House SXSW 2014. In classic, All-American Inglish fashion, he has the decency to cheers a beer with the crowd. Anyone willing to withstand that heat and those bathroom lines all afternoon deserves a toast. So, here's to them. And, because the fam over at Spotify are so on top of their shit, you can stream Chuck's entire 2014 Spotify House SXSW performance at the link above. Shoutout all of the "Premium" subscribers out there...


LAST FM: Inglish


[Verse 1]
I'm with the homies - for breakfast in the morning
Put it in the air, rolling up about a quarter
I need to bend a corner - she tryna get up on me
You cuter than a button but I'm tryna make some money
Putting hundreds, fifties, twenties into a knot in my sock
Triple that, I put a band into my Ewing shoebox
Now how much do you got - karate chopping the shop
I shot a chopper I'm hot
Prodigal rocking a watches while I been clocking these calls
Man you know what I'm 'bout
Beep me, meet me up at the Chinese takeout
Beep me if you need another one for the drop
System loud, riding out like I ain't fucking with cops
Top down, riding 'round and I'm hitting the spots
I got bass off in my trunk G I don't fuck with the law
Ahhh - peace to my dogs
Cookies in my raw, I'm about to get it all
Peace to my dogs
Cookies in my raws, man I'm 'bout to get it all

[Hook x2]
Shit, built Ford Tough
Couple sports cars here to pick these up
Whoop whoop whoop whoop, say I won't
Getting dough, nigga, say I don't

[Verse 2]
Handle problems like a Harlem Globetrotter
Off my knee, through the net, use your head, I'm talking soccer
Talking who's got it, lowkey who's hotter
Honest - I'm really out here partner
You can ask ya grandmother 'bout me
Riding in the Monte, shaking dice, rolling chronic
Unstrapped uptowns, I'm the Air Force rocker
On the block with a Robert Horry jersey from the Rockets
Poetic with my sonnets, eclectic with the knowledge
What I'm really saying though is my shit be the hottest
Drop Convertibles in August, now they gotta call us
Cause niggas rip the tape like a velcro wallet
Put the scarecrow on 'em, what you gon' do 'bout it
In the drop Bronco with them big ass tires

[Hook x2]

Channel: US Hip Hop

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