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"City On The Hill" by Desaparecidos from the album 'Payola', out June 23
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Directed by Rob Soucy


All the founding fathers
sowed their seeds into servant girls
All the godless heathens
had to leave to make a newer world
So we could live together in America
Justice is blind and so is love
Uh-oh Uh-oh
Uh-oh Uh-oh
All the stolen melodies
they played in the hit parade
All the borrowed spirituals
they feigned in the salad days
So we could sing together in America
The price of an anthem paid in blood
Bodies stacked like hundred dollar bills
(Carved names into a wall)
To build that shining city on the hill
(Forgot them all)
There’s no guilt, regret or shame
It just had to be this way
Uh-oh Uh-oh
Uh-oh Uh-oh
If you scheme and hustle just don’t get caught,
you've got to risk it all
Or hang on every number
they read off for the Powerball
We’ll all get rich together in America
Money is indifferent and so is love
Trash bags full of hundred dollar bills
(Put statues on the mall)
We left that bombed-out city on the hill
(Forgave them all)
Have to relocate the past
Because we are never going back
Uh-oh Uh-oh



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