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SynthBASED: Jazzy piano loops, afrobeat percussion, breakbeat exoticism, and bounce make up Drew Dave "SynthBASED," an instrumental ride. Residing in the crux of vintage and modern techniques is Drew Dave, who's faithful to the soul that lives in his hardware, but maintains forward vision for live instrumentation and midi-synths on his latest project. Drew Dave has doodled over the orginal syllabi of Hiphop instrumentalism, creating ornate embellishments of prerequisite texts. Drew Dave's aspirations for musicality over straight beats, his the ability to deliver bangers that loop gravelly roars, and his smooth crisp production lead listeners on a rhapsodic journey.

produced by Drew Dave @DrewliusDave
vocals by Kenn Starr @KennethCold
directed by Jay Brown

Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
Mello Music Group, 2015

Channel: US Hip Hop

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