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The second video from Masta Ace's MA_DOOM: Son of Yvonne features classic video clips from his illustrious career. In the song Ace lists the many reasons he got involved in Hip Hop and the music business. He expresses in the first verse all the reasons why he DID IT; some of his motivations and influences. As the listener starts to get the idea that Ace is summing up his career, the 2nd verse lists the reasons he is STILL doing it. He shouts out some of the local New York teams, the tri-state area, his family and the veterans who "paved the way" for him. MF DOOM's production compliments Ace's flow and delivery well and this certified Hip Hop banger.



I did it for the love, I did it for respect.
I did it for cash money, I did it for a check.
I did it as a favor, did it for the the flavor.
Always went all out, and never did I waver.
Look at my behavior, this is how you do it.
I did it with the mic and my voice going thru it.
I did it with energy and always did it thorough,
I did it for N.Y., I did it for my boro.
I did it for the ville, I did it for the thrill.
And when I did do it, you knew that it was real.
I did it for Mike Tys, I did it for Spike Lee.
Lotta cats did it but, not quite like me.
This for the Pjs and I dont me pajamas.
I did it for the cred and not for the drama.
This is for my mama I did it all for you.
This for my grandmoms, I did it for you too.
I did it for Harlem World, I did it for Union Square.
I did it for Latin Quarter, tell me if you were there.
I did it while other cats claimed they was doing it.
Truth of the matter is, they was trying to ruin it.
Rappin' for chicken wings, hot buttered corn, rice,
Hennessey on ice, I did it for Sean Price.
Did it for Punchline, Wordsworth Stricklin.
Time to make a toast, past the liquor man, I did it!

Verse 2

I do it cause I could, I do it cause Im good.
I do it for the burbs, I do it for the hood.
I do it all day, I do it in the night.
And when I do do it, you know I do it right.
I do it for the flight so can see the world.
I do it for my wife and my little girl.
Super hero dad can save the day.
I do it for the cats that paved the way.
I do it for the vets, I do it for the Jets.
I do it for the Yanks, I do it for the Mets.
I do it for the Knicks, I do it for the kicks.
Then I cross the bridge and do it for the bricks.
Then I drive south and do it up for Philly.
I know what dudes do, but do they do it really?
Lets not be silly, this foolishness is dumb.
I did it, still do it and this is how its done, One!

Directed by Rob Alphonse

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