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Reppin' the Pacific Northwest, rapper/producer Sonny Bonoho is making his mark in hip-hop with his clever flow. But music content today isn't just about a rapper's delivery, it's also about the visuals that accompany the rapper's delivery, and Sonny's locking it all down!


TwentyFifty/200 Friends/Raw Koncept



Produced by: MTK
Directed by: Sonny Bonoho
Co-Director/Editor/DP:  Eric Miller
Make Up by: Jody Thongoulay
Villain: JFK
Concubine: Meagan Hanson
Sushi Girl: Sarah Callaway
Costume by: Kiyomi & Sven Sampson of Kotobuki
Lighting by: Shane Mckown
Scene One Background Props designed by: Sonny Bonoho
Sushi Layout: Susan Juang

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Channel: US Hip Hop

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